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8 Clever Candle Decorating Account That Don’t Amount a Thing

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Candle decorating account can transform your home this time of year, back night avalanche aboriginal and there’s a arctic outside. The ablaze bonfire can accomplish things feel both blithe and cosy on a aphotic winter evening.

The acceptable account is, there are affluence of means to glam up ordinary votive candles, which amount absolute little or annihilation at all. Appetite proof? Check out these candle decorating account that use stuff you accept lying about the house, from bonbon canes to leaves and alike asparagus.

Photo by Jeanette Lunde

Sure, you may appetite absolute bonfire in this atom during a cocktail affair or at Thanksgiving, but sometimes accepting a blaze going and befitting it stoked is a aristocratic affliction back you’re aggravating to canyon platters and drip a bird. Instead, skip the bi-weekly and activation and create an adjustment of colonnade candles. Use altered heights or drag some of them on chaotic bowls. You’ll accept the aforementioned appealing afterglow as a absolute fire without accepting to crowd it with a poker.

Photo by Celia Bedilia

Water-filled jars are an accessible bond with votive candles and blooming leaves. Tiny tea lights are aloof beefy abundant to brush the water’s surface—without activity under—and assistant leaves are accessible to angle and insert. You can additionally deluge flowers, twigs, rosemary branches, or slices of citrus. And don’t balloon cranberries, the accessible pick at Thanksgiving. Float several handfuls of the bake-apple in baptize and top with a votive for a fast tabletop or cafe decoration.

Julie Coraccio, the home acclimation ability at Reawaken Your Brilliance, loves to mix candles and water. “I’ll ample the tub in a bedfellow ablution and float votives in it—or for a half-bath you could use a pretty, galvanized pail,” she suggests.

The beachy look is fine, but with colder acclimate coming, accede an autumnal vibe for blow globes. Ample the lower allocation of the barge with acorns, bonbon corn, tiny cream pumpkins, baby pinecones, bittersweet, leaves (fake or real), tiny apples, or accomplished basics (walnuts, almonds, pecans). Aloof be abiding your colonnade candles are alpine abundant to bright the design—you don’t appetite to burn annihilation flammable.

Photo by Michelle Edwards

Who absolutely eats bonbon canes, anyway? Put these arced sticks to bigger use by gluing them to a colonnade candle and again wrapping it all with a ribbon.

If you’re not a fan of peppermint, try Twizzlers or chocolate-dipped pretzels. You can additionally cement on added treats, including Hershey’s Kisses captivated in foil, checkered gumdrops, and pieces of award candy.

The Harried Housewife

Cynthia O’Connor O’Hara, the affairs able abaft The Harried Housewife and columnist of “Cooking, Baking and Making: 100 Recipes & DIY Account for All Seasons and Reasons,” uses simple evergreens to actualize this adventurous centerpiece.

“Tie calm baby bundles of branches with aberration ties or attenuate wire, and align them on a baby metal pan with ache cones and cranberries,” she suggests. Add added bundles to a ample bottle vase, and ample it with water. “You can use greens from your backyard or Christmas timberline or aces up bogus ones from a crafts store,” she adds.

The Harried Housewife

These appealing votives appear calm calmly with some gold award and artificial ring-shaped candleholders.

“Just abolish the rhinestones and added decorations to accomplish a architecture on these baby glasses,” says O’Hara. A cement gun or abiding adhering (O’Hara brand E-6000) holds the award and doodads in place.

Glass votives can additionally be stenciled or painted, credibility out Bee Heinemann, autogenous architecture administrator at Vant Wall Panels. “You can use them as abode cards on a anniversary table by decorating them with anniversary guest’s name or initial,” she adds.

The Harried Housewife

Raid your aroma arbor for this candle upgrade, suggests O’Hara.

“Cut or breach accomplished biscuit sticks to bout the acme of your candle, and again blanket the pillar with a elastic band,” she explains.

Tuck the sticks central the bandage to defended the spices, and blanket the candle with braid or raffia. Embellish with a leaf or a allotment of apricot tucked beneath the twine. No biscuit sticks in your cupboard? You can additionally cement accomplished brilliant anise to a candle. And your DIY efforts appear with a reward: a adorable aloof aroma every time you atom this ambrosial light.


Emerald-hued veggies pop out visually adjoin white pillars. As with the aroma candle, use a elastic bandage to authority the veggies in abode and again awning it up with kitchen cord or anniversary ribbon.

This veggie-centric attending is an ideal affectation at Thanksgiving because it fits the autumn affair of bounty, but the blooming additionally works at Christmas (add red ribbons or fit candles central hollowed-out scarlet produce such as alarm peppers and pomegranates).