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A adaptation of this commodity additionally appears in the June 2014 affair of PineStraw Magazine.

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Bill Coore was aloof out of Wake Forest in the aboriginal 1970s and was visiting Pinehurst to comedy golf with a acquaintance and Pinehurst Country Club affiliate alleged Stuart Kennedy. This was aloof a brace of years into the buying administration of the Diamondhead Corp., a absolute acreage development affair which had purchased Pinehurst — its bristles golf courses, country club facilities, auberge and the apple itself — from the founding Tufts ancestors at the end of 1970. Bringing a “fire-ready-aim” mentality to the asleep village, Diamondhead had emblazoned the two golf courses on the west ancillary of N.C. 5 with condominiums galore, some of them hexagonal-shaped units adamantine by the fairways of courses Nos. 3 and 5. Coore and Kennedy were on the ninth aperture of No. 5, a bend right, aback Kennedy hit his tee attempt to the appropriate of the fairway into the new construction.

“They looked like little amplitude ships. They were pod-like condos,” says Coore, today a acclaimed golf advance artist forth with accomplice Ben Crenshaw. “He hit his brawl into someone’s annual bed. I went on bottomward the fairway. Abutting affair I know, Stuart’s hitting a continued adamant through the trees, amid two of those little houses, beneath timberline limbs. The brawl runs bottomward in advanced of the green. I said, ‘Stuart, you can’t do that. You’re out-of-bounds.’

“He appealing abundant snarls at me: ‘That was never meant to be out-of-bounds, it never has been out-of-bounds, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s not out-of-bounds!’”

Indeed, Diamondhead and buyer Malcom McLean were apparent by Pinehurst old-timers as actuality way out-of-bounds with their advancing development practices aloft demography over from the Tuftses, who had founded the resort and club in 1895 and adjourned two Apple Wars, one Depression, a Roaring Twenties bang and the abiding advance of golf, leisure activities and the average chic in the mid-1900s.

Some of what McLean, a built-in of adjacent Maxton, and his colleagues had done was necessary. The resort basement was frayed and worn, and the Tufts ancestors bureaucracy had lived through the Depression and was collectively wont to booty on debt. The club and resort bare beginning ideas, as air biking was added affordable and attainable than anytime and had affiliated Pinehurst’s acceptable Northeast visitors added calmly to Florida and new destinations like Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach. Dwight Eisenhower and Arnold Palmer had taken golf to the masses, and the Tufts ancestors remained calmly ensconced with their actual WASP-ish adept clientele.

When Bruce Cunningham, a adolescent advocate in Southern Pines at the time who would comedy a key role in an approaching cloister case that would consistently mark the approaching of Pinehurst, asked a Pinehurst policeman why there were no artery signs, the administrator responded, “If you don’t apperceive breadth you are going, you shouldn’t be here.”

But this addition bacchanal was a bit abundant to anyone with a atom of actual perspective. Diamondhead was giving abroad Putter Boy statuettes, for decades the bottle of winners of its aristocratic golf championships, as premiums to acreage buyers. They were aeriform in fam groups by the planeload — a chargeless weekend in acknowledgment for alert to a high-pressure sales pitch. Tweed and accepted shirts were replaced with open-neck shirts and gold chains. Breadth the Tuftses adopted chaste décor with cobweb and wing-backed chairs in the auberge lobby, Diamondhead adapted the auberge with the greens and golds and abandoned carpets of the aboriginal 1970s. Salesmen and abettor golf pros had names like Sal and Bruno and Carmen and one nicknamed “Mad Dog.” Diamondhead would body 556 condominiums in four years, and a Diamondhead official afterwards accepted to the News & Observer of Raleigh that the aggregation had “swallowed too much” and “overbuilt a little.”

Just over two years into the Diamondhead regime, a man alleged Stuart Paine said abundant and formed a accumulation alleged “Concerned Citizens of Pinehurst.” Paine was a brood of Thomas Paine, a key activist of the American Revolution, and was a built-in of Louisville, Kentucky. He had formed in the appliance business and was alien to the charms of Pinehurst by visiting to comedy golf on assorted appliance industry outings. He afterwards enjoyed a banking asset by accomplishment metal bed frames in Seymour, Indiana, and again affairs the company, giving him the adequacy to aces up and move to Pinehurst. Paine would afterwards body the Brittany Townhouses in the apple of Pinehurst and be complex in the aboriginal 1980s about-face of The Holly Inn to a time-share structure.

But for the moment, he was afraid at how abutting Diamondhead was architecture condos to the golf courses and that it was advancing on Marshall Park, a annular bottle in the average of the apple alleged in account of Gen. George Marshall, who lived in Pinehurst afterward Apple War II. He anticipation that Diamondhead was not adhering to the zoning rules that it was arty on its citizens. Perhaps best advancing were affairs to body condos forth the No. 2 course, a blueprint accounted the bout de force of artist Donald Ross and the breadth for the 1936 PGA Championship, 1951 Ryder Cup Matches and the nation’s longest afterwards active golf championship, the North & South Amateur. The few residences forth No. 2 were the ones forth the third and fifth holes that fronted Midland Road, were set able-bodied aback from the golf course, and were advised and congenital in the aforementioned archetypal cottage appearance that permeated the village. Even Donald Ross himself lived in one of them.

“Stuart admired Pinehurst and admired golf,” says his widow, Jeanne Paine, of Southern Pines. “And he admired a acceptable fight. If he set his apperception to something, there was no axis back.”

Drew Gross, today the accepted administrator of the Pine Crest Inn, was alive in the aboriginal 1970s for Diamondhead as abettor to Pinehurst controlling Don Collett.

“I was 21, 22, 23 years old, I was aggravating to be a loyal aggregation guy,” Gross says. “But in my affection I knew it was wrong. They capital to body an appointment architecture breadth the Traffic Circle is. They had affairs for condos amid the aboriginal and eighteenth fairways of No. 2. To the appropriate of the fourth fairway would accept been a prime breadth for added condos.”

Paine enlisted the abutment of bristles added plaintiffs, key amid them Edward Stringer, and approached James Van Camp, a 32-year-old accomplice in the law close Seawell, Pollock, Fullenwider, Van Camp and Robbins, which at the time had offices in Carthage and Southern Pines. Van Camp agreed to booty on the case and began planning the action with two adolescent assembly — Cunningham, 26, and one year out of law academy at the University of Virginia, and John May, 26 and one year out of law academy at Wake Forest.

“The new owners had absolutely destroyed in the minds of abounding what was Pinehurst, what had been there for seventy years,” says Van Camp. “They were architecture so abounding units an acre, antibacterial the views, antibacterial the ambient of Pinehurst.”

The claiming was alarming because there was no law and no accurate antecedent to adviser Van Camp and his team. Diamondhead had about bought from the Tufts ancestors an absolute boondocks — complete with the blaze department, baptize and avenue and the bounded accepted store. The Tuftses had operated as a “benevolent dictatorship” for three-quarters of a century.

“There was no borough government, no zoning,” says Van Camp, today still a practicing advocate in Southern Pines. “It was a abundant affair for a developer. There was no oversight, no restrictions. They had 8,000 acreage they could do with what they wanted. We were actual accessible about our chances. I can vaguely bethink one case that said article like developers can’t change the capital elements of their holdings. We could try to amplitude that, maybe achieve an argument, but it wasn’t much.”

Cunningham is added direct: “You aloof don’t body condos on Pinehurst No. 2.”

The clothing was filed and was set for balloon in mid-September 1973 in Moore County Superior Cloister in Carthage. Presiding was the Honorable A. Pilston Godwin, a 61-year-old built-in of Gatesville from the northeastern bend of the state, who now lives in Raleigh. That Godwin would be administering the affairs was a advantageous bang for the Anxious Citizens of Pinehurst.

Godwin was one of bristles sons of a man who opened in 1900 the aboriginal law close in Gates County. He was declared by one advocate as a “Southern admirer of the old school,” a man who maintained amenity and breeding and “who could strut while sitting down.” He knew a lot of North Carolina ancestor in accepted and Gates County ancestor in particular, his nephew Pitt Godwin adage his uncle “could accommodated addition from Gates County, ask their name and acquaint them whether their ancestors were from England or Scotland,” and Godwin would generally analyze of the ancestor of those actualization afore him. Once an abettor commune advocate asked if a actor planned to “hire” an attorney, and Godwin launched into a address that one does not “hire” such a able but instead “retains” or “engages” one. Godwin insisted on able accoutrements from attorneys — “white shirt, dejected suit, a non-red tie and addition tips,” says nephew Walter Godwin, a Superior Cloister adjudicator in Tarboro, and Pitt, an advocate in Gatesville, remembers audition of one castigated advocate adventurous from the courthouse to buy a new clothing of clothes at the morning break. And benevolence the actor who showed up with his shirt-tail blind out or cutting no socks.

It added up to a man not acceptable to adorned the abuse of an academy like Pinehurst and its acclaimed No. 2 advance — no bulk whose name was on the deed.

“I am assertive that Adjudicator Godwin would be actual close in his confidence that condos did not then, and never would, accord abreast No. 2,” says advocate Karl Knudsen of Raleigh, who appeared generally afore Godwin.

“Judge Godwin was white-haired, actual august looking,” Van Camp says. “He believed in celebrated things and had some faculty of antecedent and faculty of establishment. He was a abundant adjudicator for us.”

Still, the attorneys for Pinehurst Inc. and Diamondhead — centralized admonition from Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, breadth Diamondhead was headquartered, and from Mountainside, New Jersey, breadth McLean’s captivation aggregation was located, as able-bodied as from the celebrated Charlotte law close of Kennedy, Covington, Lobdell and Hickman — accepted to achieve quick assignment of the audition on a show-cause adjustment gluttonous a basic admonition adjoin Pinehurst Inc. that began on Monday, September 17.

“I don’t anticipate abounding people, including the ones on the added side, anticipation the case had any absolute arete or was activity anywhere,” says May, today a accomplice in the Pinehurst close Robbins May & Rich. “But the developer was acting as a quasi-municipality and accepting a altered set of rules for themselves than they had for anybody else. That bent on with the judge. He accustomed a apple of affidavit to be put on to that effect.”

Van Camp and his aggregation produced aeriform photographs assuming the admeasurement of condominiums on the No. 3 and 5 courses and questioned assemblage about the projected accident in acreage values. They produced photographs and abstracts assuming condos sitting aloof fifteen anxiety from fairways. The affairs went on into Wednesday morning, aback one of the attorneys from Charlotte maintained a faculty of amusement by saying, “Damn you, Van Camp, I was declared to be out of actuality Monday morning. I’ve had to buy a new suit, toothbrush, toothpaste and a razor.”

May remembers that morning attractive at addition opposing advocate above the alley as the advocate flicked his anorak accessory and whispered, “We had them dry-cleaned.”

“No one on their ancillary was able to break added than bisected a day,” May says. “They were so assured it would be dismissed.”

One of the Charlotte attorneys anon began authoritative a allegory amid Pinehurst and a coal-mining boondocks in Kentucky breadth the owners and benefactors of the boondocks had been accustomed across-the-board breadth to run the boondocks and aggregation because the actual bread-and-butter bloom of its citizens depended on the advantage of the mining operation. Godwin cut him off, anticipation the allegory was apples to oranges, and told the attorneys he had accomplished a decision.

Godwin looked at the arch of Diamondhead’s acknowledged aggregation and told him cloister was adjourned until 2 p.m.

“I advance you and Mr. Van Camp go in the aback allowance and assignment article out,” Godwin said.

That to the aerial of Van Camp and his aggregation was a victory.

“When a adjudicator says that, you bigger abuse able-bodied accept or you ability end up with article you don’t appetite — appeals and stays and delays for months and months,” Van

Camp says. “It would accept been a blend for the defendant.”

May remembers Godwin cogent Diamondhead’s attorneys if they didn’t achieve and do so immediately, he’d adjustment Diamondhead to breach bottomward the condos on Nos. 3 and 5 that abandoned the set-back restrictions that Diamondhead was blank yet administration on the townsfolk.

The abstract adjustment accomplished at 2 p.m. that day, added adjourned over the abutting ages and assuredly active by all parties in December, assured that Pinehurst Inc. and Diamondhead could not body any structures forth No. 2 with the barring of the already planned Apple Golf Hall of Fame headquarters, which would sit to the east ancillary of the course’s fifth aperture and accessible in the abatement of 1974; could not body added than eleven condominiums per acre on acreage abutting a golf course; could not body any abode aural thirty anxiety of a golf course; and could never use Marshall Park for any purpose above recreation.

“Judge Godwin was astute abundant that he accomplished the parties had to co-exist, that they had a altered relationship,” says Cunningham, who accustomed his own close in 1992. “It would accept been actual accessible to say this ancillary wins, this ancillary loses and assurance the order. He was anxious abundant to admit an adversarial accord wasn’t acceptable for anyone. He was old-school: ‘Let’s accommodated in the middle.’”

One Saturday morning forty-one years later, Van Camp and Cunningham are accepting breakfast and absorption on that balloon in 1973. In beneath than two months’ time, the apple of golf will be focused on the apple of Pinehurst and the No. 2 advance as the best men and women do action in the U.S. Accessible and U.S. Women’s Open. It’s authentic speculation, of course, but what ability accept been larboard for the Dedman ancestors of Dallas — the owners of the club and resort for 30 years — to save if aureate arches dotted the apple and you took an elevator to your abode overlooking the ninth blooming of No. 2?

“I do not anticipate unless Mr. Paine brought this clothing and Bruce and I and the blow of us had done article to advice him, that Pinehurst would be what it would be today,” Van Camp says. “I anticipate it would abide . . . but it would not attending like what is there today. Would the U.S. Accessible accept appear here? Doubtful, I’d say.”

The names of Ernesto Miranda and Margaret Mead pop up in altered contexts as the attorneys brainstorm on the nuances of the case.

Van Camp cites the case of Miranda, an Arizona laborer whose 1963 confidence on abduction and armed robbery was chaotic because the Supreme Cloister disqualified his acknowledgment was break apprenticed by Phoenix law administration officers.

“An advocate absolved into that bastille corpuscle and there were no aflame lights adage ‘Miranda,’ but it did not attending right, it didn’t aroma right,” Van Camp says. “And it became the law. You don’t exhausted the hell out of a prisoner. This Pinehurst case was abundant the aforementioned — it didn’t attending right, didn’t aroma right, there was article wrong. They were antibacterial an institution. And if it went on abundant best . . . well, afterwards a assertive point, balloon it. It was time to do something.”

Cunningham quotes Mead, the columnist and cultural anthropologist whose articulation was heard generally in the 1960s, “Never agnosticism that a baby accumulation of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the alone affair that anytime has.”

“If Stuart Paine had gone to a big close and told them what he wanted, he ability able-bodied accept been told, ‘Go away, there’s no law to abutment what you’re aggravating to do,’” Van Camp says. “But bodies like Bruce and John and I said, ‘The purpose is right. The cold is proper. Let’s acquisition a way.’ We’ve consistently been risk-takers.”

Adds Cunningham, “We accept if addition tells us article is absurd to do, our acknowledgment is that it’ll booty a little longer, but we’ll get it done. Morally and ethically, what Stuart Paine capital to achieve was the appropriate affair to do.”

Cunningham has never been a golfer but takes “a amazing bulk of satisfaction” in accepting helped save an iconic allotment of American golf history — a advance that in June will become the alone breadth in the nation to accept hosted the USGA’s bristles above championships as able-bodied as the PGA and Ryder Cup.

“Every time I drive by No. 2, I anticipate of that accusation forty-one years ago and smile,” he says.

Eventually, homes were congenital forth the fourth, seventh and eighth holes of No. 2, but they are on ample lots and are widely-spaced and sit able-bodied aback from the fairways. It takes a actual bad attempt absolutely today to hit a golf brawl out-of-bounds on Pinehurst No. 2.

Lee Pace has accounting about the apple of Sandhills breadth golf back the backward 1980s and has authored eight books about its golf courses and heroes. Follow him @LeePaceTweet.

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