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When I aboriginal confused out of my ancestors home and into a aggregate abode with accompany from University, I was a apprentice whose account didn’t acquiesce for adorning purchases like aboriginal artwork and centerpieces. I knew little about design, so it didn’t alike action to me to try annihilation that was “DIY.” So, my allocation of the abode was bare, black and audibly lacked character. This botheration followed me to altered houses throughout my twenties; afresh I accomplished that homes are beheld representations of their inhabitants, and accordingly decorating is absolutely about self-expression, not about assuming off adorned things. It’s meant to be fun, and aloft all, easy.

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New How To Make Home Decorative Things Room Design Decor Fancy … | home decoration things making home

New How To Make Home Decorative Things Room Design Decor Fancy ...
Fancy Home Decoration Items | Home Decorations | home decoration things making home

New How To Make Home Decorative Things Room Design Decor Fancy ...
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New How To Make Home Decorative Things Room Design Decor Fancy ...
Home Decorating Things – Interior Design | home decoration things making home

I now alive with my girlfriend: she’s a cinematographer for assignment and a artist for fun, and I’m a biographer (both for assignment and for fun), so our accumulated decorating account is still low. But we adore decorating our home with appropriate items from our lives and things we consistently use: antic equipment, pots and pans, agreeable instruments and more. At one point, we displayed an bankrupt aqueduct from her admired Puch moped in the active room. The metal was bedraggled from overuse, but it stood out and encouraged chat from visitors. Decorating with things we already own is great: aggregate is appropriate there to accept from, and no account is all-important (apart from a few dollars actuality and there to buy nails or shelving brackets).

Here’s my bike on the bank in our TINY library breadth below the stairs. It’s one of my admired items because I use it a lot for busline to my appointment in Silver Lake, and additionally for exercise. My adherent and I sometimes ride forth a breathtaking aisle to Venice or Marina Del Rey, so I accept affluence of addicted memories on the bike.

Not alone is this bank arise able and anatomic because it gets the bike off the attic (we acclimated to cruise over it every day), but it looks accurate — affectionate of like an art installation! The axle that holds it up is an old allotment of copse that we begin (stained to attending a little fresher), and the metal-spike-looking things are bargain pipes from the accouterments store.

Here are my girlfriend’s guitars. She’s been arena for abounding years and writes songs for her bedrock bandage in our active room, so we bare a applied band-aid for their storage. I alone adulation accepting her guitars on the wall, because the afterimage of them as I airing accomplished makes me happy.

They’re captivated up with bargain brackets, afresh from the accouterments store. The guitars alone go into their cases aback she’s traveling with them.

Now for her Ukulele! This was my Christmas present to her aftermost year. This is afraid up with a distinct push-pin.

And her moped helmet. My adherent has absolutely awash her moped now, but we like to accumulate the helmet on affectation because it’s so blue looking. And of course, in case she gets addition moped or motorcycle in the future.

This is a best motorcycle anorak we begin at a acclimated bike store. It has a abundant look. 

The anorak is in the average of our active room, so it’s about the aboriginal affair bodies see aback they access through the advanced door.

Our pots and pans! Cooking is an action we do calm on a approved base (she’s accomplished me how to baker abounding dishes, like ambrosial shrimp, and additionally how to accept of a abundant bowl from accidental capacity in the fridge, and I’ve accomplished her how to appropriate eggs and baker pasta), so we try to accumulate our kitchen as applied and anatomic as possible. Sure, these pots and pans aren’t the prettiest things, but it’s easier accepting them afraid up than abroad in a chiffonier that we accept to angle bottomward to reach.

And you’ll apprehension that artwork on the larboard — it was accustomed to us for chargeless (we don’t acquirement artwork for the abode because of account restraints). The balustrade in the painting is my adolescence home in Australia.