Small Town Simple

The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

Sometimes More Is Okay

In the world of minimalism, the word “more” is considered bad.  We shouldn’t want more of anything.  We should always want less. But there are times when “more” is okay. More time More kind words More creativity More space More freedom More movement More energy More laughter More prayer More love Make a list of […]

Replacing Excess

Summer has drawn to a close.  And it is lovely.  As I gaze at my sky I reflect on 3 books I read over the summer that all dealt with the excessive spending of money, the excessive use of salt, sugar and fat in processed food and the excessive need to constantly replace our clothes […]

Mama’s Lessons

Over the last several months I had been experiencing frustration over trying to identify something, anything!, my mom had taught me.  My sister and I lost her 20 years ago to a rare form of cancer.  And ever since I have not been able to articulate a single lesson learned.  There were no pearls of wisdom […]