Small Town Simple

The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

Mama’s Lessons

Over the last several months I had been experiencing frustration over trying to identify something, anything!, my mom had taught me.  My sister and I lost her 20 years ago to a rare form of cancer.  And ever since I have not been able to articulate a single lesson learned.  There were no pearls of wisdom that readily bubbled to my lips, no child rearing expertise that I could draw on, no remaining skill or talent that I could link to her patience of training.  I expressed my frustration recently to my sister and she responded with the idea that maybe we didn’t have her long enough to truly absorb her lessons.  And that made me stop and think.  I engaged in the process of connecting my mom to my life and the experiences we shared.  This was by no means easy.  Simply put, I missed her.  But I pushed on with the process of thinking and then it hit me.  My mom had taught me the art of simple living.  An art that I had intentionally pushed away for the last 20 years.  Now that I’ve moved to a small town and I have chosen a new lifestyle, I’m opening my mind, my heart and my actions to lessons my mom modeled for me.

  1. Home cooking is the best form of sustenance.
  2. There should be space between the hangers in our closets and spare room in our makeup drawer.
  3. Empty floor space in our home is a wonderful thing.
  4. Dining room tables are for dining, not piles of junk.
  5. Go outside to get some exercise.
  6. Tomorrow morning is always brighter when the kitchen was cleaned the night before.

Simple living.  It turned out, my mom was quite the teacher!

xo, Carolyn 

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