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Replacing Excess

Summer has drawn to a close.  And it is lovely.  As I gaze at my sky I reflect on 3 books I read over the summer that all dealt with the excessive spending of money, the excessive use of salt, sugar and fat in processed food and the excessive need to constantly replace our clothes because they are made so cheaply.  And I felt used.  Manipulated.  How did I get to this point in my life and not recognize the corporate use and abuse!  How they plot and plan to draw us in by tricking our taste buds and our wallets.  By constantly telling us we need more stuff, things, worthless objects.  Our senses are assaulted daily.  Buy more…buy more.  We are even reminded in daily economic reports – if we aren’t out there buying stuff, our economy is suffering.

But in my new small town where I crave simplicity I am no longer listening to corporate greed.  What a relief!  So what replaces excess?

  1. Time to cup my hands around my favorite mug and breathe in the sweet aroma of my morning coffee.
  2. Look for nature in my day and observe a bloom, a leaf, maybe the whole tree!
  3. Look for an opportunity to be kind.
  4. Bake some muffins.  They just always make me happy!
  5. Find one new thing to learn.  Right now I try to learn something daily about my new small town.  There is always something.
  6. Listen to music in another language.  So much fun, even if I don’t know what the lyrics mean!
  7. Find a local library and check out a book written several decades ago.  There is a significant difference in prose with an artful crafting of sentences.  It is empowering!
  8. Walk instead of shop.
  9. Make a meal from scratch.  I keep it simple knowing it will be healthy and cheaper!
  10. Call a friend or relative.  Reconnect the old-fashioned way!

As I ditch the excess, my days open up to endless possibilities.  As time opens up for you too, please share how you have replaced excess with something that is much more important and fulfilling.

xo, Carolyn

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