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The Space of Closets

Did you know that closets and the space they provide was a rare thing before WWII?  Extraneous stuff was stored on pegs, in trunks, maybe in an armoire.  Immediately post WWII, the size of the American home averaged approximately 950 to 1200 square feet in size.  Closets were not going to be very big.  And then the move to suburbia hit and one of the attractive draws was?? Yes! the closet!  By extension, as the house got bigger so did the closet.  Or vice versa.  Anyway…the push was on.  If we had all that space we needed to fill it up, right?  I mean, a big closet that has minimal occupancy just makes us feel bad.  All that lovely space, just begging for stuff.  And boy, did we respond!  Consumerism was on!  Just think California Gold Rush.  Masses of people rushing to malls, big box stores, discount outlets, just to buy more stuff to fill up that yawning cavity better known as the closet.  Somewhere along the way a packed closet told us we were doing ok, we own things, we have lots of choices.  Well, I for one, have had enough.  My closet measures 5 ft. X 4 ft.  Not big.  It is wrapped on its 3 walls with a rack coupled with shelf space directly above.  My personal mission is to put space between my hangers.  As we tackle this effort of less in our closets it can be daunting.  So try this quick exercise to get started.  Close your eyes and think about how your mind, body and soul feel when you are standing on a beach, you are spending a day in the country, you simply listen to the wind blow.  It’s freeing, isn’t it?  The reason?  Space!  So try and transfer that same feeling to your closet.  Our goal?

  • the closet will contain only what fits
  • and only what we enjoy wearing

Our purpose in life, our self-esteem and our love for family and friends has nothing to do with a packed closet of useless things.  So let’s free up our minds and free up our space!

xo, Carolyn

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  1. Diana Bradley

    What a breath of fresh air, finally a blog that states that less is more. I love your emphasis on family and dear friends. The pair of old boots reminded me of my dad’s old worn ones, it brought back funny and warm memories of him. I love the idea of a mother and daughter venture (what a way to bond even more). I can’t wait to read what you both have in store for us.

  2. Carolyn

    I am so glad you are joining us on this journey of redefining life based on simplicity vs. stuff! Thank you for your comments on warm memories. In these busy lives that so many lead these days, memories can get overlooked but they so precious and life giving .

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