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This blog is about appreciating the simple things in life.  It is about slowing down, staying in the moment, and finding the value in who you are, not what you own.

However, there are some things in life that I believe are worth our time and money/support.  One of these is a company called

This company was started by Kristin Glenn.  I actually began following her story when she and Shannon created the Versalette.  I followed the good parts and the not so good parts, but I fully believed in what they were trying to create and I continue to believe in what she is trying to do in the fashion world.

It is not my plan (or my mom’s) for this blog to become full of advertisements.  However, we always want to share a product with our audience that we believe in.  A product that needs a bigger voice.  A product that can make a difference.

Kristin’s company can make a difference.  It can help us see the destructive impact that the fashion industry is having on our world (and our wallets).  The best part?  She allows us to make a difference with style.

I encourage you to show Kristin your support and I encourage you to support change.

xo, Lauren

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  1. Kim

    Lauren, I’ve not ordered anything from Seamly before but I just perused their website and it looks good. Do you have any of their basic tees and if so, is the white see-through? I’ve been searching without luck for a white tee in a substantial fabric that isn’t sheer. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kim! I actually don’t have any of the t-shirts, but I do have several other items and haven’t had any issues with the clothing. I hope this helps!

  2. Kim

    Thanks Lauren! Maybe I’ll go ahead and order one to check it out.

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