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The Beauty of Thanksgiving

I have always loved our country’s Thanksgiving holiday.  From the time I was an elementary school student gazing at a decorated bulletin board filled with pilgrims and turkeys and all those beautiful fall colors, I’ve been a fan of this holiday.  I appreciate what it stands for.  Simply, a day to be thankful.  Several years ago I overheard a cousin of mine state that this holiday is his favorite over all the others.  Why?  Because it was a day of good food and community.  That was it.  No expectations attached.  It is simply a nice day.  It is a day to pause and feel gratitude.  It is a day to really live in the present moment.  So whether you are enjoying the holiday with a large group of people, a small gathering or most importantly, in the service of others, I truly hope you are able to revel in the moment of what this day means.  A simple day of simply giving thanks.

xo, Carolyn

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