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The Retailing Push Is On!

The commercials and advertisements are operating at full throttle.  The holiday season is upon us.  And this year I’ve made a decision.  And it is a rather radical decision for me.  I am turning off the tv, not picking up a Sunday paper with all of its adds and will ignore internet advertising.  In a way, I’m boycotting Christmas of old!  I do not measure my happiness based on how much I spend.  And I will not let guilt coax me into buying gifts I can’t afford.  So, how do I plan on maximizing the season without the typical fanfare of a retailer’s Christmas?  Simple:

  1.  I will listen to Christmas music.  If the tv isn’t on, I have the space for music and that just makes me happy!
  2. I will read Christmas stories to my grandson even though he is too young to understand their meaning.  But he will understand that we are cuddled up and my attention is on him and the story.
  3. I plan on calling all my friends and family that live in other towns and have a good long conversation with each of them.  I want the connection by hearing their voices.
  4. I will bake a few treats.  Not a lot, but a few to hand out to friends, co-workers and various people that have made my move to my new small town so welcoming.
  5. I want to take a walk in an outdoor space that I’ve not been before and just marvel at nature.
  6. I want to bake/cook something fun with Lauren.
  7. I want to decorate my new home for the holidays and not one new thing has been bought from a store.  I will repurpose the old and fill in with what nature or my imagination has created.
  8. Christmas lights and hot chocolate!  It doesn’t get better than that!!
  9. I want to see my extended family.  It won’t involve gifts.  It will involve time, the greatest gift.
  10. And I want some quiet time to give thanks.  I have been blessed so richly and I want to quiet my mind and truly express my gratitude.

I truly hope you will have a moment to dwell on the meaning of the holidays and how to experience these days according to your values not society’s version of the holidays.

xo, Carolyn

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