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“When things aren’t adding up in your life, start subtracting.” Anon

With the holidays quickly approaching, a frenzy begins to occur and many of us begin to lose sight of what is truly important.  Our daily routines soon become filled with even more activities and the sights and sounds of happy days turn into a blur.

What is there to celebrate about long lines, crowded stores, and extra expenses?

This is not how I want to spend the season.  So, instead of adding more items to my agenda, I am working towards eliminating a few of the extras.

Things I am subtracting:

  • Shopping for my husband.  My husband and I both have birthdays around the holidays also.  This used to involve even more purchases, but we now plan one weekend for an experience.  By eliminating the extra presents, we have developed a new tradition that I look forward to every year.
  • The number of presents purchased for the holidays.  We haven’t completely cut out gifts for other family members, but the list has been narrowed down considerably.  It has made the time spent in stores much shorter (but I would like to continue decreasing my purchases).
  • Decorations.  I have eliminated some of the decorations that we put up in our home.  It didn’t take as much time and I truly get to enjoy what we have.
  • Christmas cards.  I didn’t eliminate them this year, but the list has been shortened and it didn’t take nearly as much time as it has in previous years.

When you eliminate stress and chaos you have more time for:

  • family meals
  • looking at Christmas lights
  • eating eggnog ice cream
  • reading a good book
  • watching a Christmas movie
  • playing a game
  • putting together puzzles
  • taking a nap

When I look at this list, I would much rather be spending my time doing any one of those activities versus fighting crowds to purchase one more item.  Is there something you can subtract this season?

xo, Lauren

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