Small Town Simple

The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

A View From Our Window

We (that would be Lauren and Carolyn) comment often on how much we enjoy driving through the rural to get to our destinations in our very small urban surroundings.  The two just weave in and out of each other.  Large plots of land for children to play on, abundant gardens, farming equipment in view and fall festivals.  We are determined […]

DIY Project: Christmas Card Remix

Each year, we send out Christmas cards and receive several.  We like to think of the process as a nice tradition, but as soon as Christmas is over, we simply throw the cards away.  This year, we decided to turn those cards into gift tags for next Christmas.  This little project is fast and simple, […]

How To Embrace Winter

As we near the end of January, I start to get itchy for spring.  I’m ready to move on to longer days, warmer temps and a greener world.  Living in Texas, spring will arrive sooner here than other parts of the country, but it is still a ways off for all of us.  Which brings up the question […]