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Post Holiday De-Stressing

The decorations are put away, the extra commitments are calming down, and we are finally settling back into a more normal routine.

But do you feel any more relaxed from whatever time you might have had during the holidays?

Do you feel ready to take on the New Year?  Or are you even more tired from the cooking, the wrapping, and the merriment of the season?

Take some time now.  Start your new year with a little de-stressing.

Here are 5 easy ways:

  1. Go outside.  It might be cold, but the fresh air will help you clear your mind.  Let go of everything else.
  2. Move.  Being active has huge benefits.  Sometimes we need to stretch that stress out, sometimes we need to dance in our living room, and sometimes we need to run and time our breath with the rhythm of our feet.  Whichever method you choose, you will have a little less stress when you are finished.
  3. Drink tea.  There is something calming about the practice of fixing a cup of tea.  Don’t rush through it.  Enjoy the moment and let it soothe you.
  4. Do a chore.  While this might not seem like a good de-stressor, it can be.  Get lost in the chore.  When you have finished, take pride in the work you have accomplished.
  5. Write it down.  Put those stressors onto paper.  Sometimes we need to be able to see the problem in order to find a way to fix it.  If there isn’t an easy solution, then simply try to let it go.

The new year can be the start of many things.  Focus on making sure that it is a good start for you.

What methods do you have for de-stressing?

xo, Lauren

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