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Ribbons, Paper and Bows!

Here is something to think about.  Americans throw away 25% more trash from the Thanksgiving holiday to the New Year’s holiday.  The extra trash we generate equals 25 million tons of garbage.  And if every family reused just two feet of holiday ribbon, it would be enough saved ribbon to actually circle the earth!  (from And they pulled it from

Over the years I’ve compiled a nice stash of gift sacks, paper, bows, ribbon, etc.  And most times I only had to go to my stored supplies to find what I needed.  And that was true over this last Christmas holiday.   However, even though Lauren and I and our little family cut our gift giving way down this past Christmas and I didn’t need much,  I was reaching for the bottom of my barrel for Christmas wrap and sacks.  And that got me to thinking…

First, I was never one of those people to hit the stores and buy next year’s wrapping, etc. the day after Christmas.  During my 22 years of mortgage banking that was a work day and it was nearing the end of the month and we had loans to close.  Who had time for a store and those crowds??  When I moved into my teaching career I just wanted my time off, not shopping for the bargain.  Besides, we had enough left over wrap, bows, etc. I didn’t feel the urge to quickly replace.  But, this year, as my supplies dwindled I started looking at all this stuff that takes up space in my home from a new perspective.  Why not challenge myself to use the next 11 months to scrounge, collect and find anything and everything that will create wrapping for Christmas 2014 and it doesn’t involve me buying anything.  Except tape.  I will need tape.  My intent is not to create the whacky or absurd, but to simply find alternative supplies that would actually double as wrapping.  And why go to all this trouble, you ask?  Because it is good for the environment, it is good for my wallet and it is good for my space.  It falls under the reuse, repurpose and recycle thought process.  So I’m on the hunt!  And I think this will actually be fun and I will keep you posted.  But I’m also open to any ideas you may have, so if you want to share, please do!

xo, Carolyn


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