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DIY Project: Christmas Card Remix

Each year, we send out Christmas cards and receive several.  We like to think of the process as a nice tradition, but as soon as Christmas is over, we simply throw the cards away.  This year, we decided to turn those cards into gift tags for next Christmas.  This little project is fast and simple, and we like that we are getting a second use out of our gorgeous cards.

Christmas Cards and Punches

We used some paper punches that we already had from scrapbooking.  We just cut or tore the fronts off the card so the punch would easily fit.

Paper punch

Paper punch

Then we started punching out our tags.  This whole process only took about an hour and it was nice to know that money didn’t go to waste.

Gift tags

We ended up with lots of fun tags to use next Christmas.  It will be a lot of fun adding a personal touch to our gifts this year.  We plan to start doing this with any cards we receive to add to gifts.

A couple of other money saving gift tag alternatives are to cut a square from wrapping paper to make a tag or write directly on the paper with a sharpie.  Be creative and have fun.

Does anyone else have any unique gift tag ideas?  We would love to hear them.

xo, Carolyn & Lauren

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