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DIY Project: A Birthday Wreath

In less than 2 weeks Tater Tot will be turning 1!  Which means that the craft projects have been flying in order to have a simple and fun birthday party.  Aqua, pale yellow and gray are the colors for the big day.  Handmade garland, pictures from the year, and a fun wreath will adorn the house.

But how do you make a wreath that is appropriate for a little boy’s birthday party?  Yarn is the answer!

We picked up a straw wreath, three colors of yarn, and the number 1 at the local craft store.DSC_0263

The process was simple.  We started with one color, tied it in a knot on the “back” of the wreath and started wrapping.

Birthday Wreath Birthday Wreath

We kept wrapping, pulling the yarn tight as we went.  When one section was finished, we tied it off and started with the next.  We didn’t measure the sections and they aren’t all perfectly even.  We think it adds to the character.DSC_0274 Birthday Wreath

When the wrapping was finished, we painted the 1.  We actually didn’t have any paintbrushes on hand, so we “improvised” with a dry sponge.  It worked better than we expected.  We just hot glued the 1 to the wreath.  This fun little project will be hanging on the door to greet guests when they arrive for the party.

xo, Carolyn & Lauren

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