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3 Reasons to have a Minimal Wardrobe

“The small wardrobe promotes a closet full of things to wear.” Bea Johnson from Zero Waste Home

You stand there, staring into an abyss of clothing wondering why you don’t have anything to wear.  You see the t-shirt that you bought on sale that already has a hole in it.  You find the skirt that was so cute on the mannequin, but goes with absolutely nothing in your closet.  You face item after item that followed the latest trend, but you actually never feel confident wearing.

Why do we manage to accumulate so much, and yet we are not satisfied?

A minimal wardrobe can help with that satisfaction.  A minimal wardrobe can help solve the “nothing to wear” problem.

These are the 3 top reasons why I believe everyone should consider creating a minimal wardrobe for themselves.

  1. Creativity.  You will find that with a smaller amount to choose from you will start to create a personal style.  You will also begin to put items together that you wouldn’t have initially thought of.
  2. Time saver.  No longer will you waste your time standing in that closet clueless about what to put on.  Every item that earns space in your closet, is one that you know you will wear.
  3. Money saver.  Instead of spending $15.00 here and $20.00 there on cheap items from the “fast-fashion” industry, put your money towards items that will last.  You will be saving money in the long run because you will get more “wears” out of the better quality items.

Still having issues about paring down your clothes?  It can be an intimidating process and it’s not one that can be done overnight.  I suggest setting some parameters for yourself.  Try trimming down one area of clothing: work wardrobe, shoes, or tops are good places to start.  If you think you will have a hard time letting go of everything, put it all in a box out of sight.  If there is something you need or want, you are still able to go get it.

When it comes to clothes, I firmly believe that less is more.  I do not think that we need to make a purchase every time we walk into a store (no matter how cute it looks on that mannequin).  While I think it is important to be presentable on a regular basis, our clothes do not define who we are.

Most importantly, enjoy the process.  It can be very liberating and the first step of many towards a simpler life.

xo, Lauren

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  1. This a great concept I believe everyone should apply to in their lives. My closet doesn’t look like Courtney Carvers or a backpackers minimalist version, but because of the inspiration they have given me, I have been able to downsize a lot of what I don’t wear. As time goes on, it fluctuates with a few purchases here and there but I make sure I never need to buy more hangers than I already own. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. I am so glad this was helpful Mariel. My closet definitely doesn’t look like others out there, but I am very comfortable with the items I have and always try to think carefully about new purchases.

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