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Take A Break

Last week was spring break and I was fortunate enough to have the week off from work.

My little family decided to take our first official vacation.  It wasn’t fancy or extreme.  It was a break.  A chance to remove ourselves from our daily routines.  It was very much appreciated.

During our break we:

  • saw new places
  • read (a lot)
  • stepped away from (most) technology
  • enjoyed the scenery
  • relaxed and slowed down

My day to day routine stays pretty full, but I want to incorporate more breaks into my daily schedule.  This will allow me to step back into my routine with a smile instead of negativity.

A few breaks:

  • Go technology free 1 night a week – no computer, phone, and no TV.
  • Go to bed early at least 1 night a week.
  • With warmer weather approaching, try to go for a walk at least once a week.
  • Take 30 minutes (or less) a few times a week to slow down – read, stretch, take a bath, etc.

While I strive to live a more simplistic lifestyle, being a working mom and wife doesn’t always allow for the laundry to stop.  I hope that introducing these breaks will allow for more free time with my family, remembering that this is about experiences and love.

xo, Lauren

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