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My Daily Struggles

I don’t have a balance.  I have a life.  A busy life.

  • I am a mother.
  • I am a wife.
  • I am an employee.
  • I exercise.
  • I read and I write.
  • I clean and I do laundry.
  • I try to fix healthy meals.
  • I bake.
  • I love and I argue.
  • I journal.
  • I work and I play.
  • I run errands.
  • I laugh and I cry.

There really is no balance.  If I focus more on one area, another starts to suffer.  While one area of my home is clean, another begins to accumulate more clutter.  I struggle with chores and keeping up with daily tasks.  I struggle with remembering important dates.  I struggle with allowing non-important things to distract me and then slow me down.  I realize that there are others out there who have much bigger struggles in their life.  But, as a working mom, it can be hard to see past the pile of dirty dishes.

My life isn’t perfect and it will never be.  So maybe I should stop trying to find a balance.  Maybe I need to take it one day, one hour, one minute at a time.  I don’t need to organize or write down schedules.  I need to try to do what I can, but stop worrying about everything else.

What do you struggle with?  Do you have any suggestions for dealing with daily struggles?  Please share in the comments so we can support each other.

xo, Lauren

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2 Replies

  1. I think finding a balance is important, however, like you say when you focus on one thing another area suffers. This is where finding our version of balance- our ying yang looks different for everyone. In my life I pick one or two things on my list and focus on that for a little bit and then move on when I need to. So for instance, at work I am present being the employee I am as when I go home and have 15 minutes to myself I may be the laundry police, or the baker or the writer, and then when my boyfriend is present I focus on being his loving girlfriend. That’s my version of balance. Sometimes I can’t choose the ones I want for the day, but I focus on what I can that is right for me. I hope I offered some insiight for you too. :) thank you for sharing

    1. This is very helpful Mariel! I love the “laundry police” title. I may have to start using that in my home.

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