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How Do We Define Success?

“Try not to become a man of success.  Rather become a man of value.”  Albert Einstein

The definition of success has been lurking in the back of my mind for the past year.  One definition states: the favorable outcome of something attempted.  I like that definition.  But then there is the other one: the attainment of wealth, fame, etc.  And, there it is.  The definition that most Americans will latch onto when describing success; their own or anyone else’s.  It is how we seem to measure people that we meet and know.  We can even compete within our own families, this measuring of success.  The question that is repeatedly formed;  just how “successful” are we?  A prestigious job?  A really large, well appointed home?  An expensive car?  The kids attend “the right school”?  A really nice investment portfolio?  And the list goes on.  And don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with goals and plans.  But wouldn’t it be nice if we completely rearranged our idea of success?

What if success were defined as cooking a really nourishing meal for our families?  Or learning a new skill that benefits ourselves or our families?  Maybe we craft a new hobby that gets us off the sofa?

  • Take a moment to reflect on life and determine what really is important.
  • Make a deal with yourself and opt to reduce discretionary spending by $10 or $20 per week.  After one month’s time…
  • Plan an experience with the $40 to $80 saved.
  • Or simply save the $40 to $80 for that rainy day.  (Those days will happen!)
  • Master a new recipe.
  • Clear the schedule so there is time to invite people into your home that you truly enjoy spending time with.
  • Make the time to take a walk with your spouse or a special someone and really engage in the outdoors and the conversation.
  • Enjoy walking the dog.
  • Run around outside with a child.
  • Write a letter.  The real kind – pen, paper, a stamp.
  • Laugh and giggle!

Let’s put real value into our lives.  Let’s reap the reward of a favorable outcome of something attempted.  Let’s pursue the smaller and simpler and let’s say – “We are successful!”

xo, Carolyn 





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  1. Alice

    Perfect and thoughtful!!!
    I agree completely !

  2. Carolyn

    Thank you, Alice!

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