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What Is A Good Life?

Lauren introduced me to the idea of minimalism while I was wrestling with a life that didn’t match my core values.  And then I read, “In the United States we work more hours than folks in almost any other industrialized country in the world, and two of our main activities in our scant leisure time are TV watching and shopping.  So we go to work, come home exhausted, and plop down in front of the TV; the commercials tell us we need new Stuff to feel better about ourselves, so we go shopping; and in order to pay for it all, we have to work even more.”  (From The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard)  Is this what a good life looks like?  I thought if that’s the case I don’t think I want to participate anymore!  I decided on a different kind of “good life”.  I decided I actually could live with less.  So what did I get rid of?

  • trips to the big box stores buying -oh, I don’t know; anything and everything??
  • trips to the bookstores buying books & magazines that I never had time to read
  • high end food just because the recipe called for it
  • cheap clothing that sustained the fast fashion world but made me cringe every time I purchased it
  • stuff to fill my house because I thought every nook and cranny had to be filled   
  • plastic, plastic, plastic

And I created a life that matched my values.  I defined what a “good life” is for me.  And that does include:

  • I buy only what I need.  And I really try to seek out products made in the USA.
  • I borrow books from the library.  Thank you Benjamin Franklin!
  • simple recipes
  • I’ve slowly switched to glass containers, making a real effort to eliminate the plastic
  • I now browse thrift shops, garage sales, etc. for the unique find. And it has to serve a need and it has to be a bargain.

I’ve learned that I really didn’t need all that stuff.  It has freed up my time, my money and my home.  Living with less matches my core values.  In my own small way, I can help protect the environment.  And best of all, it has created an opportunity for creativity.  I truly recommend the good life!!

xo, Carolyn

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  1. Alice

    I’m in love with this blog. I read lots of minimalist blogs , but find yours really speaks to me – keep up the great work!

  2. Carolyn

    Thank you Alice! Your appreciation is our inspiration!

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