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Real Wealth

People who put their surplus money into short-term extravagances rarely build the same wealth as those who put their money in things with lasting value.”   Amy Dacyczyn, The Tightwad Gazette II

We really have two choices.  We can blow our money as fast as we earn it.  Or we can create a life of mindful living and spend our money wisely. Given what surrounds us, this isn’t easy.  The retail world wants us to spend our money as fast as we possibly can.  Since I am Lauren’s mom it means I’m old enough to remember when retail stores sold to our 4 seasons.  Today stores cater to a 30 to 60 day cycle. Many retailers make our products today with an eye on their bottom line; no concern regarding quality and rarely with a nod toward any environmental impact,  Advertising convinces us that we must buy their products if we are going to live like everyone else, be a part of mainstream society, be acceptable.  But, we don’t have to participate!  Instead, let’s give ourselves the gift of deciding what we want from life – for ourselves and with our families.  Let’s actually describe our values.  Do they include?

  • more time to spend outdoors?
  • more time for DIY projects
  • learn a new craft?
  • build something?
  • more time to read(learn)?
  • more time to hug and cuddle those you love?
  • more time to cook?
  • more time to be spiritually dedicated?

You decide!  And then live those decisions!  Let’s quit throwing our money away and instead be mindful and build real wealth in our relationships, our health and our experiences!

xo, Carolyn

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