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How To Eat Well Without A Lot Of Work

Eating healthy foods on a regular basis is not one of my strong suits.  I don’t really enjoy the task of cooking and prepping, so I have a tendency to reach for whatever is easy which sometimes does not equal healthy.  However, over the last few years I have managed to change a few of my habits so that I am eating a cleaner diet without too much effort on my part.

*Please note: I am not a doctor.  Please consult your physician before making any major changes to your diet.  These are my opinions only.

  1. Make a list.  I grocery shop weekly (although one day I hope to cut that down some) and I never leave home without a list.  If I were left to my own devices in a store without any sort of plan, I would buy nothing but prepackaged, unhealthy junk food.  I create a weekly menu that lays out our dinners allowing me to make healthier choices.
  2. Try to make one meal a day meatless.  My family eats meat.  However, for varying reasons I try to make breakfast and lunch meatless meals.  If you eat meat on a very regular basis, take this in small steps.
  3. Rely on simple recipes.  I do not cook something if there is more than 8 steps.  I just won’t do it.  I really prefer meals that only have 4 or 5 steps.  Fewer steps means that I will take the time to make a meal versus getting something fast.
  4. Skip the soda.  I drink coffee and I am a sucker for sweet tea (I do live in Texas), but I have pretty much eliminated soda from my diet.  I might have one every now and then, but it’s not an everyday  staple.
  5. Try to eat one green thing a day.  Right now, I am on a serious avocado kick.  I have half of one with my breakfast and the other half for lunch.  But sometimes I scramble spinach and eggs together, make sure there is a green veggie for a side with dinner, or blend some spinach or kale into a smoothie.
  6. Watch portion sizes.  If the meal that I am eating isn’t exactly the healthiest in the world, then I at least try to keep my portions in check especially if I am dining out.  Serving sizes have gotten way too big at restaurants so I usually try to split the meal in half.
  7. Purchase from the perimeter of the store.  If you keep the majority of your purchases outside of the actual aisles, then you are on the right track.  Most (not all) of the junk food is in the interior aisles so I try to stay out of those when possible.

There are plenty of healthy food blogs/recipes out there.  Here are a few to get you started.

I have a pretty full schedule and I personally would rather spend my time reading or being outside instead of cooking.  By making these changes, I maintain a diet that is relatively healthy without a lot of work.

Do you have any strategies for eating well?  Do you prepare meals in advance?  I would love to hear any and all methods.

xo, Lauren

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  1. I am totally the same way! It’s tough for me to eat healthy, and I usually don’t like fast food to begin with so I will typically munch all day long– on yogurt, peanut butter sandwich, maybe some cherry tomatoes, instant oatmeal, a string cheese– just to get me through the day till I buy a burrito from Pollo Loco or something… Not the healthiest of habits, but I’m trying. THanks for sharing this. I absolutely love minimalist baker too!

  2. Alice

    You have an awesome blog! I love it!!! So helpful.

    1. Thank you Alice! That really means a lot to us.

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