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An Alternate Lifestyle?

Minimalism has been referred to as an alternate lifestyle.  Alternate from what?  Assuming that everyone is referring to our society’s current style of living that expects big houses, big cars, lots of money thrown down for meals out, too many clothes in the closet, absolutely the latest gadget in technology, then yep, minimalism is an alternative lifestyle.  However!  Why can’t minimalism be mainstream?  Why can’t it be our new normal?  Wouldn’t it be terrific if we could:

  • spend one night a week with family or friends playing a card or board game.  Tuck the cell phones away, turn off the tv, etc. and really engage with everyone gathered around the table
  • dedicate one night a week to take a walk and really enjoy nature.  Even though great exercise is involved, that isn’t the point.  The point is to really notice nature that surrounds you.
  • turn off all that electricity that is keeping everything around the house in sleep mode.
  • go into a clothes closet and remove three things that are simply not worn any more.  If they are still wearable (but just not by you) donate them.  If not, cut up the material for rags, etc.  (Lauren and I did this with a bunch of old t-shirts.  We discarded very little material.)
  • if the planting of flowers is involved around a house, consider planting native plants that will require very little water.
  • make something last a little bit longer.

Minimalism provides us with the opportunity to think outside the box, to do things our way.  Most of us don’t respond well to others telling us what to do so why are we so eager to respond to what society says we must do?  Manufacturers and retailers delight in this mentality and we fall right into their trap.  But when minimalism guides us, we are living life on our terms, our way.  And that isn’t an alternate lifestyle.

xo, Carolyn

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