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DIY Project: Storyboard

We have been searching for a new toy for Tater Tot but the endless aisles of plastic just don’t seem all that interesting or worth $25.00 a piece.  A recent trip to Joann’s sparked an idea for a fun homemade toy.  We found these cute wooden animals and decided to make a homemade storyboard.

Board supplies


  • felt (already had on hand from Tater Tot’s birthday)
  • an old picture frame that currently wasn’t being used (ours was 11×14).
  • Velcro purchased at $3.99
  • wooden pieces purchased for $6.49 total (11 pieces)
  • hot glue (or another form of glue that will hold well)

We took the frame apart and removed the glass.  We traced the mat onto the felt and cut a square.  Then, we hot glued the piece of felt to the original mat that came in the frame.

TracingCut feltHot glueBoard

*We later discovered that the felt did not hold well because the Velcro was too strong.  So, we are going to redo that portion and wrap the felt around the original mat and staple it.

We cut pieces of Velcro and glued them to the back of the animals and to the felt on the board.

Velcro piecesVelcro piecesBoardBoardBoardWe removed the picture hanger from the back of the frame and glued small strips of felt on the back so that the frame didn’t scratch any surfaces.

Back of BoardThe final step was to put everything back together in the frame minus the glass.

Board12 StoryboardFor $11.00 and an hour of time we created a toy we are certain will entertain Tater Tot much longer than anything else we could have bought at a big box store.  Story telling will be fun!

xo, Carolyn and Lauren

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