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It’s Zucchini Time!

Tea TimeWhile this is typically when Lauren and I post a DIY project of some sort, this month we have been knee deep in fresh vegetables.  We have tomatoes ripening on the vine, a few potatoes have been pulled from the earth and some friends have been most generous with their summertime bounty.  Additionally, Lauren and I meet on Saturday mornings at our area farmer’s market and choose what is seasonally ripe.  We both have our fair share of vegetables that we have been storing up for later use.  Lauren likes to puree veggies and use them in recipes while I love to bake and make soups in the wintertime.  Either way, our freezers are a colorful array of sliced, diced, pureed or shredded vegetables.  But some of that goodness definitely needs to be enjoyed now.  So I pulled from my bookshelf one of my favorite cookbooks that has a delicious zucchini bread recipe.  My book is titled “Tea Time”.  When I open the cover, a lovely Victorian world of teas, breads, sandwiches and cookies are just waiting to be prepared and shared.  I bought the book knowing that someday I would sit down to a delightful table and participate in a very proper tea that I had prepared.  It hasn’t happened yet, but in the meantime, I will still enjoy bread from the seasonally ripe zucchini!

Zucchini BreadTea Time

 xo, Carolyn

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