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Just Breathe

We take it for granted – this breathing thing.  We certainly grow conscious of it when we are short of breath or we get nervous and our breathing becomes shallow or our stress level rises and we feel the need to take in more air.  But I’ve learned there is a bit of an art to slowing down and really breathing;  to connect my simpler life to learning to breathe well, to breathe deeply, to be conscious of breath.  To be conscious of breath is to be conscious of the moment and that is a beautiful, simple way to live our days.  For me these breaths include:

  • pausing and inhaling the aroma of my first cup of coffee in the morning.
  • taking my sweet grandson into my arms and simply breathing in the moment of our connecting lives.  And I do the same thing when I hug Lauren.
  • walking between buildings at my job and breathing in the season – even those hot days we experience!
  • stepping out onto my patio amid my plants while taking in the day – with a lovely, deep breath.
  • pausing to familiar cooking aromas, fresh laundry scents or my one favorite perfume.

All of these give me pause, a moment to be grateful, a moment to enjoy.  The more simple I keep my days, clear out the clutter in my mind and keep it out of my home the more time I have to enjoy the moments of my days.  I truly wish for you those moments to breathe deeply, to notice life – your own and those around you.

 “There is something of the marvelous in all things of nature.”  Aristotle

xo, Carolyn


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