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Travel Lightly

Summertime calls for long lazy days, cool drinks, and a little travel.  We don’t usually plan long vacations during the summer because our schedules don’t really allow for it.  However, we do like to enjoy a couple of weekend getaways during the hotter weather and I like to pack as lightly as possible (especially with a baby in tow).

How to travel lightly

  • Consider what you will actually do while there.  Many people (my former self included) have a tendency to over think about all of the “potential” things that we will do on a trip.  In reality, we don’t get around to even half of those which means we don’t actually wear all of the extra clothes we packed.
  • Pack less shoes.  I used to pack a different pair of shoes for every outfit.  Now, comfort is key and I usually only have 2 pairs of shoes for a trip: one to wear and one packed.  It may not be as minimal as some, but I still like to have one other option.
  • It’s okay to repeat an item or items.  This is key for packing lightly.  Pants/jeans can be worn multiple times between washing.  Hang a shirt up after you have worn it for the day so that it can air out and stay wrinkle free over night.  If you feel that something has to be washed, use the sink.
  • Pack pieces that can easily mix and match.  I have a tendency to wear neutral items, so pretty much anything that I bring will work together.  This definitely helps me control excessive packing.

A weekend getaway is intended to be relaxing and easy.  So why do we insist on lugging a bunch of clothing around?  For my future trips I plan to have less stuff to carry around and more time for family and fun.

Do you have any short trips planned for the summer?  How do you pack lightly?

xo, Lauren

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