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Clean and Simple

While growing up, cleaning supplies in our home mainly consisted of Pledge and Comet.  Anything else usually came in the form of warm sudsy water and some elbow grease!  But from childhood to now, there are multiple items for all kinds of cleaning.  Who knew we led such dirty lives!!  Advertising convinced us that not only should our homes look clean, they should smell clean!  I always wondered, what is clean supposed to smell like?  Bleach?  Ammonia? Floral?  Fruity?  Now if you are like me and have allergies, none of these are good.  Those smells can trigger the sneezing attacks.  So for me, clean was supposed to smell like…nothing!  So how do I clean without all those products that advertisers say we must have?  Easy.  My cleaning tools are:

  1. white distilled vinegar
  2. castile soap
  3. baking soda

That’s it.  I can clean my entire home with those three products along with that same old elbow grease my mom taught me to use.  Should I have listed that as a 4th item?  I do own 2 anti-static cloths for wiping down my furniture, I use the vinegar on any glass that needs cleaning and the baking soda is my cleaner for tubs, sinks, etc.  I like to add a few drops of castile soap to create a bit of a lather and away I go.  The part that makes me really happy is skipping those aisles in a store, keeping my money in my pocket AND knowing I am contributing a tiny benefit for the environment!  In our efforts to live a more simple life, give those cleaning supplies a thought – are they habit or is there a more simple way you can achieve the same clean for you, your family and your home?

And…once the cleaning is done but you still like the idea of a little fragrance, try this:

  • one pretty vessel from your home
  • 1 cup of baking soda
  • 6 to 8 drops of your favorite essential oil

If you have small children or pets, use a container that has a lid and poke a few holes in the lid.  Every few days, shake the container to reactivate the scent.  So easy!  Have a great, clean and simple day!

xo, Carolyn


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  1. I’ve switched to using vinegar, baking soda & dish soap for washing floors. But I’m still guilty of using Comet! Does baking soda adequately replace comet for scrubbing?

    1. Comet was the last cleaning product that I let go of! But baking soda plus a touch of Castille soap does get things clean. Sometimes not quite as shiny, but clean!

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