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Challenging the Status Quo

From our friend, Benjamin Franklin, “All mankind is divided into three classes, those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move.”

I doubt Mr. Franklin was referring to exercise!  But I do like to think that we belong to the “those that move” group.  Which links me to the topic of status quo.  We are familiar with the term.  Phrases such as maintaining the status quo or keeping the status quo ring out frequently.  The idea of keeping things the way they are is safe, comfortable and predictable, right?  And it is easy to understand; we don’t like change.  It is natural human response.  So natural that retailers, advertisers and sales associates latch onto the concept that we need what is out there.  Don’t change.  While the ads and wares will change, the idea that we will always need the Walmarts, Targets, JC Penneys, etc. is constantly pushed.  But…what if, in our endeavor to live more simply, we opted to challenge the status quo!  What if:

  • we insist retailers make more sustainable products and while we are at it, insist that these clothes are made in the U.S.
  • developers and builders make residential and commercial properties more sustainable and efficient
  • grocers stock better quality food – I was in my local Kroger store the other day and their produce shelves were a disaster.  Enough said.

Why can’t these ideas be the norm, not the exception!  I was poking around a new neighborhood development recently and I noticed how the entire development had been completely flattened without a tree in site, the roofs of these new homes are pitched very high and steep which means they retain heat and many of the houses were turned directly due west.  Since I live in Texas the question has to be…why?  Oh yeah, the status quo.

I want to fall into Mr. Franklin’s “move” category!  I want my dollars spent to count.  And I want to change the status quo.   But I will need help!  So, when we are compelled to purchase, let’s think about what we are buying, who we are supporting, what are the impacts and, most importantly, does it align with our values?  The status quo can be a powerful thing – but so are we!  So let’s move!  (And a little exercise along the way won’t hurt either!)

xo, Carolyn

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