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Lovely – 5 Times

“My life is a lovely story, happy and full of incident.”  Hans Christian Anderson

When life becomes cluttered we simply don’t have room for the beauty of simple things.  They just fly by, unnoticed.  And when we really think about it, that is where life really is!  Buried in those lovely, simple moments or sounds, maybe a touch or a taste.  One of the definitions for lovely is having a beauty that appeals to the heart or mind as well as to the eye.  Those moments in life that touch our soul – that is the meaning of lovely.  So today I want to appreciate the lovely in life 5 times.  To approach this simple task I decided to think back over my life and remember 5 lovely moments.  Moments that filled my soul.  Moments that shaped the person that I am today.

  1.  a lovely evening – my 1st pizza.  I was in high school.  My wonderful friend Patsy & I had just dropped off her sister and brother-in-law at the train station in Fort Worth and we opted to cap the evening with a pizza and conversation.  Never underestimate a good pizza,  but good conversation?  Wonderful!
  2. a lovely quiet – sitting on the front porch of a farm house in South Texas listening to a truck that was not anywhere close to me crunch down a gravel road.  It is amazing what we will hear when surrounded by quiet.
  3. a lovely laugh – Lauren, as a child, falling asleep in the back seat of the car on a road trip around twilight.  She later woke up and asked, “Who turned out the lights?!”
  4. a lovely memory – going as a first grader to our school library to check out a book.  I was lost and my intuitive teacher guided me to a book that she said I might enjoy.  It was Johnny Texas.  I’ve been hooked on reading ever since.
  5. a lovely kiss – nope, not getting too personal here!  My grandson’s kisses are special right now.  He just leans in, that sweet little mouth just starting to learn to pucker up and the kissing is on!

All of these “events” are lovely.  Why?  Because they appeal to my heart and mind.  So today, I encourage all of us to experience lovely 5 times.  We might hear it, see it, touch it, embrace it or taste it.  But oh, when we do, let’s all remember to pause, maybe even sigh a bit, and whisper, “that’s lovely”.

xo, Carolyn 

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  1. Botanic Bleu

    What a moving post. In retirement, I am trying to live in the moment and to savor life, but also to remember all that was lovely in the past.


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