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One Day…

I was sitting in my financial advisor’s office the other day and we were working on my long range plans for retirement.  I laughingly told him my age must have triggered the corporate computer because I was getting letters saying I must come in and talk.  And I am so glad I did!  Not only did he have a cool  software program that did all these calculations regarding my future but more importantly it gave me the opportunity to focus on the next phase of my life.

For some time I have wanted to return to the small town I was born in – Hico, Texas.  I just love that town and it just makes sense to me that I will someday return.   While I still have a ways to go, it is now a goal propped up with a few others that I want to keep some focus on.  My hope is to buy a small home in my favorite town.  And I mean small.  At the same time I hope to make it as “green” as possible.  But in the meantime and on a rather limited budget I plan on tucking away every spare dime I can to help achieve that goal.  Where do those spare dimes come from?

  • take my own thermos of water to work vs. buying bottled water
  • maintaining a capsule wardrobe
  • buy groceries where I get discounts for groceries and gas in my car
  • start asking for senior citizen discounts – that number varies but I won’t know until I ask
  • reuse and repurpose – this means I need to think outside of the box
  • use good strategies at the grocery store – dried beans vs. canned beans, etc. (that means very little processed food)
  • create homemade treats as gifts vs. retail gifts
  • library vs. purchased books
  • generic vs. name brands
  • keep makeup routine simple – since I spend a lot of time outdoors, little makeup is required – but I do wear sunscreen)
  • shop resale/thrift stores and garage sales for cool finds!
  • have shoes repaired vs. buying new (I found the best shoe repair store just blocks from my work.  I have already put this idea into practice twice!)

When I compiled this list I was struck as to how much it aligned with my environmental views.   Not only am I saving money but I’m being  considerate of Mother Earth.   In the meantime, each time I utilize one of the above strategies, I will be putting the difference into my savings account.  I realize I am talking dollars and cents, but the small stuff does add up!   And one day, one day… I will have my little house in Hico.

xo, Carolyn


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  1. I just went to Hico on impulse, (Labor Day), and did a quick watercolor sketch (on my blog). Really enjoyed reading this.

    1. Thank you! I will check out your sketch on your blog!!

  2. I’ve started late on my RRSP, but you’re right, every cent counts. I always bring leftovers to work for lunch the next day, saves me from buying a lunch 5 times a week. At our workplace we are lucky that they provide free tea, coffee, pop & bottled water.

    1. Holly, a great point! Brown bagging lunch is a really great way to save money and add up those pennies!

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