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Gift Wrap Update

Back in January I wrote a post describing my intention of not purchasing gift wrap for  Christmas of 2014.  The month of August is now in the rear view mirror, September is here and things seem to magically shift.  School is back in session, football gears up, fall gardens are in bloom and days start to get shorter.  Autumn has always been my favorite season.  I just love the colors; the rich hues of orange, red,  gold and brown, the first time I smell the aroma of wood burning in a fireplace,  the crackle of fallen leaves underfoot – these are wonderful things!  But we all know that the Christmas holiday steps quickly on the heels of autumn.  And if we don’t plan a little bit we consume too much.  And one of those areas is in wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, etc.  Now don’t get me wrong – I love a gift that is beautifully presented!  I’m a sucker for pretty ribbons, colorful paper and more.  But I also believe there are creative ways of achieving this particular goal without either spending a small fortune before the holidays or plunging into the mass of after holiday sales and then storing the stuff for a year.   On one tiny shelf in my closet is what I’ve scrounged together so far.wrapping paper

See a recurring theme?  Yep, brown paper!  My little stash comes from brown paper sacks at our local green market, called… The Green Market, brown and white packing paper, one wine gift bag (that was courtesy of my sister, Dianne and yes, it came with a bottle of wine) some odds and ends of ribbon along with tags that my very good friend Diana made for me last year and the tags Lauren and I made from last year’s Christmas cards.  Since my stash is still a bit meager I need to get busy!  So, before anything goes into the recycle bin I will examine it for wrapping potential.  I will also scrounge the outdoors for useable items – pinecones, small branches, leaves that can be painted, etc.  The goal?

  • to lessen my environmental footprint
  • to not fall victim to the consumer push of “must haves” during the holidays
  • to not store a mound of paper, ribbon, etc.  (I can already see the big box store ads for those bulky storage containers!)
  • to have some creative fun!!

Maybe this fall, when the moment presents itself, you too can look around your home for items that will suffice as fun wrapping.  Better yet, turn it into a game for the family to scrounge up some items and everyone bring their “finds” to a central spot and have some fun with the creativity you can conjure up!  Have a beautiful but not quite official autumn day!

xo, Carolyn 


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  1. Each year we take scraps of paper and glue them to an old shoebox – decoupaging! The Kids love it and it makes a great bauble box also for the recipient. Jo

    1. What a terrific idea! I can just picture my grandson and I decoupaging together!

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