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Live Your Truth

It takes a knowing that life isn’t about getting an inspiring instagram shot, nor is it about creating blog fodder.  It’s about living, learning, trying, making mistakes (and sometimes documenting it along the way). ~Assortment

My life isn’t perfect and I own that.  I have clutter in my home, I make mistakes, I don’t always listen well and speak out of turn.  I evolve, change and progress.

Social media and information are everywhere and constantly in people’s faces.  I see lots of amazing blog articles and pictures all over the internet and my phone, and envy what those people have.  That little green monster will creep in and I begin to think that I am not good enough.  My work isn’t good enough.  We can’t help but be aware and then want what others have.  But, I don’t want what they have and I know that I am good enough.  I want my own life and my own path.  I want to live my truth and embrace the life that I have been given.

My Truths

  • I am a wife.  I try to support my husband and his decisions every day.  I love and respect him as my partner.
  • I am a mother.  I try to devote my undivided attention as much as possible to Tater Tot.  I watch him learn and grow and every day I am proud.
  • I am a daughter.  I appreciate my parents and the things they have done for me throughout my life.  I try to communicate with them as much as possible.
  • I am passionate.  When I find something that I love, I dive in headfirst.  Sometimes, it might seem like a fault but I don’t think I can be any other way.
  • I am loyal.  I want to be there for others and I thrive on friendships.
  • I work hard and I play hard.  I know how to dedicate myself to the task at hand, but I also know when to stop.  I know when to take a break and move on to something else.
  • I am sarcastic.  It may not be the best “truth,” but it’s true.  I love humor and finding others who share my sense of humor.

No one can see these “truths” in an Instagram photo.  No one knows how much I have learned and lived from a tweet or a Facebook update.  I share these with you today to say, “this is who I am.”  We have values that make up our core.  Be truthful to who you are and what you want out of this life.  Don’t let others influence your “truths.”

Remember to be yourself.

xo, Lauren

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  1. Dear Lauren,
    Loved reading post. You made the point very clear that at the end of the day we have to live our truth. It doesn’t matter if all the truth is portrayed in social media or not but what matters is that we choose to live the truth of who we are and what we do. Excellent writing.

    1. Thank you Janika! Your comment made my day!

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