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My Fall Wardrobe

I am currently working on putting the finishing touches on my fall wardrobe.  Most of what I have from last year, will work just as well for this year.  I am only looking to replace/add a few items in this process while still holding true to this challenge.

I am inspired by Caroline’s blog and her style as well as Courtney’s minimalist philosophy about clothing.  I would like to continue molding my closet into a more cohesive look, but I don’t want to be wasteful.  What I have still fits well and isn’t in bad condition.  So, with a few minor adjustments, I think I can make everything work.

The following is a list of my clothes for “Fall.”  Texas sees a wide range of temperatures from October to December, so I will definitely be experimenting more with layers as the weather starts to get cold in the later months.

Fall Wardrobe

These 8 pieces are a few of my go to staples in the cooler months.


  • Black cardigan
  • Black v-neck sweater
  • Black turtleneck
  • Black versalette
  • Black leather jacket
  • Grey t-shirt
  • Grey wrap cardigan
  • Grey reversible raglan
  • Green leopard long sleeve shirt
  • Teal and white long sleeve shirt
  • Pink sweater
  • Red flannel button down
  • Short sleeve red sweater
  • Red puffer jacket
  • Purple tank
  • Purple cardigan


  • Black leggings
  • Black dress pants
  • Grey no sweat pants
  • Boyfriend jean capris
  • Skinny jeans
  • Boot cut jeans
  • Houndstooth black and white skirt
  • Seasonless black skirt
  • Purple maxi dress
  • Grey maxi dress
  • Black dress


  • White Converse tennis shoes
  • Black flats
  • Leopard flats
  • Grey ankle boots
  • Black ankle boots
  • Tall black moto boots
  • Black dressy boots with heel


I am not including accessories in my count for my wardrobe.  I usually stick with a few staple pieces but I also enjoy experimenting with some fun extras that I have every now and then.  I also keep 3 tanks as layering pieces handy: white, black and teal.

These are the items that I would like to add to complete my wardrobe for the season.

  • Another pair of skinny jeans.  I love dark skinnies because I can wear them with tall boots when it’s cold or roll them up a little when it decides to turn 70 degrees in late November (because it will do that in Texas).  Until I find another pair, I will keep my boyfriend capris handy for warmer days.
  • A dark chambray shirt.  I gravitate toward darker colors and I would like a more fitted style so that I can wear this to work.  Anything too loose makes me feel frumpy.  I haven’t found the perfect chambray shirt yet, but I am on the hunt.

Right now, I am ready for fall.  I am ready for cooler temperatures, warm cups of flavored coffee and maybe a pumpkin patch or two.  And I know that this wardrobe, will see me through all of those occasions going from work to weekend.

What does your fall wardrobe look like?  Do you have a go to piece every year?  Share a link so we can check it out!

xo, Lauren

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  1. My wardrobe is very minimal. Literally this Autumn I will have 4 jumpers to choose from. I’ve just started wearing my new seasons clothing, and of course the UK is now experiencing high temperatures – it feels like spring! :)

    1. The weather always works that way in Texas too! I’m planning for fall, and it’s almost 90 degrees this week!

      1. That sounds like heaven to me!

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