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Change the Subject

This post might come across as a little bit of a rant, but we are all about honesty here at Small Town Simple, so if you don’t want to listen to me get on my soap box then I completely understand.

Moving on.  I love talking to people.  I enjoy hearing about their lives and I always appreciate when someone asks for my advice on a particular topic.  My point is, I don’t like it when people rant about their lives (yes, I see the irony in this statement).  I am specifically referring to people making their busyness the only topic they know how to discuss day in, day out.

This is what I don’t like talking to people about:

  • How stressful your weekend was and all the errands you had to run and the amount of work that you did not get accomplished.
  • How many sports your child is participating in and all the places you had to travel to.
  • All of the aches and pains you have acquired (because your body has no time to rest), how many doctors appointments you have lined up, and all the medication said doctor is going to put you on to fix them.

Several of these points are choices that we make.  I completely understand that there are times when some of this stuff is unavoidable, but I am not interested in hearing the gory details.  You have made these choices and telling me Monday morning isn’t going to change them.

Instead, let’s change the subject.  Let’s find new things to talk about.  When we fill our lives with so many projects and errands, we have nothing else to talk about except those projects and errands.

This is what I would love to talk to people about: 

  • I want to know about the latest book you are reading.  With a book constantly at my side, I will gladly discuss the ins and outs of your latest read.
  • I want to hear about the latest recipe you tried.  Did it work, did it not work?  Was it easy or a little more difficult than you expected?
  • Tell me about your latest craft project.  Is it going well?  Have you enjoyed taking that time for yourself?

So, next time you strike up a conversation with a co-worker, a friend, or a loved one find a topic that will really create a great conversation between you.  Grab a cup of coffee and dive in.  Heck, I will even talk to you about your coffee!

What do you enjoy talking about?

xo, Lauren

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