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Blogging 1 Year Later

Our 1 year blogging anniversary sort of flew by without us acknowledging it, but it provides an excellent opportunity for us to evaluate where we’ve been and where we  want to go on our blog!  So, let’s consider this our cake and candles moment and celebrate 1 year of blogging together!

We have been punching tapping away at our keyboards for a year and it has been an interesting road that we have taken.  It has been incredibly rewarding because we enjoy and learn from the comments you, our readers, share with us.

In the next year we are hoping to grow and learn even more.  There is more that we want to offer and accomplish with this blog as well as our personal lives.

Our points of focus for the following year include:

  • Minimalism in our personal lives.  We are both looking to eliminate more from our homes and our bills in order to better succeed in other areas.  We have each made good progress but we could do more and be better.
  • Improve our environmental impact.  This sort of falls under minimalism i.e. buying less creates less waste.  But there are certain aspects of our normal purchases that we would like to change to try to have a more positive impact on the environment.
  • Writing.  We each have a real love of the written word and would like to improve our writing skills.
  • Clothing.  We are going to try and be even better at having minimal wardrobes.  We really want to focus on our wants versus needs and then look into buying second hand items instead of new.

We are thrilled to be moving forward and create more discussion about several of these topics.  We would love to hear any and all feedback as well as any questions you may have.

xo, Carolyn & Lauren

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