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Coffee & a Book: Happy Halloween!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset“His heart began to sink within him; he endeavored to resume his psalm-tune, but his parched tongue clove to the roof of his mouth, and he could not utter a stave.  There was something in the moody and dogged silence of this pertinacious companion, that was mysterious and appalling.  It was soon fearfully accounted for.  On mounting a rising ground, which brought the figure of his fellow-traveler in relief against the sky, gigantic in height, and muffled in cloak, Ichabod was horror-struck, on perceiving that he was headless!”   

There is only one Ichabod, right?  Mr. Ichabod Crane, of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow fame.  There are so many ways to celebrate our various holidays throughout the calendar year, from the simple and frugal to the extravagant.  Since North Texas is finally feeling and looking like autumn, I have opted to include a little literature in my celebrations.  This week I reread The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving.  It is a short story and can be easily read in about an hour unless you are like me and get a little lost in the language.  Words like psalmody, pedagogue, domiciliated and higgledy-piggledy erupt all over Irving’s pages!  In a short span of space the author sets the stage in Dutch country on the Hudson in New York, gives us a quick glimpse of the community and allows us to visualize Ichabod (tall and lanky), to enter the classroom with him (he didn’t spare the rod!) and to watch him  fall in love!  And of course, there are the stories of spirits, witchery and the Headless Horseman traveling the Hollow.   All of this in such a short space of time.  It is mystery, horror and delight all wrapped up in one small package.

If you’ve never experienced Washington Irving, welcome him into your home on an autumnal evening – better yet, experience him out loud with the family gathered round!  Does Ichabod encounter the Headless Horseman?  Yes, but the fun of the story is for the reader to decide what happened to man and spirit following their midnight rendezvous.  Until next time – Happy Halloween!

xo, Carolyn and Lauren




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