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The Simplicity Adventures of a Mother and Daughter

The Priority of Simple

 “But they went back to having a very good time doing the everyday things that most families do.  They worked and played, went to school, visited friends, enjoyed nature-”  from The Berenstain Bears And Too Much Pressure

Berenstain BearsLauren and I have been sharing a number of conversations lately that revolve around keeping things simple.  Maybe it’s because the holidays are around the corner, or maybe with the cooler weather the gear needed to bundle up just starts to grow in the most inconvenient places, or…whatever.  But we’ve been talking.  And we are searching for ways to keep life simple.  From cooking to housekeeping to errands to activities, what are ways we can implement simplicity?   When Lauren was little, one, and I stress one of her favorite storybook series was The Berenstain Bears.  She loved the stories so we had a bunch of the books since they were read so frequently.  I recall a lot of those stories but one that was a standout for me was titled The Berenstain Bears And Too Much Pressure.  This really doesn’t require explanation other than I will say that the story includes Mama Bear having a good cry because she is juggling too many activities for her family.  So the family has a meeting, the activities are trimmed and a happy family finds balance.

I know that real problems can’t be wrapped up like they can in a story, but the point of the story is very true.  The Berenstain Bear family made simplicity a priority.  And we should too!  When we decide to keep it simple our quality of life improves.  Simplicity opens the door for

  1. time
  2. creativity
  3. smiles vs. frowns
  4. focus
  5. mindfulness

These can’t be accomplished all at once.  But if we choose today to simplify one routine, eliminate one errand, or reduce the size of one effort, we have gifted ourselves and/or our families a moment of time.  Embrace, enjoy, appreciate what that simple moment brings!  With practice, we will get better at this.

Please share with us ways that you and your family create the simple moments that ultimately mean so much!  We would love to get this conversation going!

xo, Carolyn


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  1. I’ve been pondering minimalism lately and thinking of what I can cut out, so I can relate. In general, my husband and I try to keep things simple with our son. If something isn’t contributing to our lives in a positive way, we try not to do it. Thanks for the inspiration! And I just read that story to my son recently. ☺

    1. Thank your for sharing! Determining if an item contributes to the greater good of the household is an excellent way to limit what comes in! I saved all of our Berenstain Bear books. When my grandson is old enough, I will start over and he and I will read them together.

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