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Coming Home

Coming HomeLast night, Mom and I had a girl’s night! We trekked to the “big city,” had dinner together and shared dessert as well as good conversation. Tater Tot is spending a couple of days with his other wonderful grandparents and I am enjoying a little down time.

It was a fun evening completely out of our normal routine, but I must admit, I am always glad to come home.  I love the familiarity of home and my random habits that have developed over time.  No matter how much fun or possible stress I have had, being home is calming for me.  It’s my own little world and I can let my hair down.  My ritual begins with the purse getting hung up on the chair, my jewelry coming off, and the clothes getting much more comfy.  I typically fix something to drink: sometimes coffee, wine (after a very long day), or even a glass of water.  It’s these little nuances that make coming home comfortable.

There is something relaxing about walking through that door. Despite what may or may not have transpired during the day, I can breathe and I can push everything else out. Home is where my heart is. I love to travel and see and do, but I also love curling up on the couch with a good book. I love being able to doze off with the noise of Tater Tot’s sound machine softly humming in the background.

Girl’s nights are awesome and date nights make me feel special, but lounging around in my pajamas with no makeup on is truly priceless. Coming home is the best part of my day.

xo, Lauren

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