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The Spirit of Adventure – Road Trip to Austin

My little family and I took off on a quick road trip at the end of October.  We needed a mental break and we really needed to spend some quality time together.  We headed south to Austin, which wasn’t too far to go with a toddler.

My main “itinerary” for the trip involved food.  I thought I had done my homework but most of the food ideas weren’t what we were expecting and definitely weren’t kid friendly.  I tried very hard to keep an open mind and stay positive.  But sometimes the Austin traffic brings out the negativity.  It was definitely a “lessons learned” trip.

But, it wasn’t all bad.  We had some really good moments.  Our favorite part was the Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary.  It is a much more informal zoo with gravel paths and a more up close look at the animals.  Peacocks and chickens roamed the grounds.  They had a variety of animals from wolves, to jaguars, to axis deer.  It was also a good size, not too big to overwhelm you, but big enough to really enjoy.

Austin zoo

Austin zoo

Another good part was the downtime.  I purposely didn’t over plan activities; we were only there 1 full day.  Travelling with a toddler already brings it’s own schedule and this trip wasn’t about seeing a bunch of attractions.  When it was time for Tater Tot to chill out, so did we.  I actually managed to read an entire novel in this 3 day time frame.  I haven’t done that in a long time.

On our way home, we made a final pit stop and it was a treat for me.  If you are ever in Austin, you must go to Vintage Heart Coffee.  I am a little biased.  It is owned and operated by one of my good friends, Mallory Allison.  She makes delicious, and I must say gorgeous, coffee.  She offers good flavors, good pastries and a nice spot to relax and enjoy your java.  We couldn’t stay too long because she was pretty busy and most toddlers don’t find coffee houses very entertaining, but it was absolutely a great way to end the trip.

Vintage Heart Coffee

Vintage Heart Coffee

It was quite an adventure for us, with some unexpected twists and turns, but it was a great break from our everyday routines.  Have you been on an adventure lately?

xo, Lauren

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