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Looking For Magic

“You are looking for obstacles rather than looking for magic.”  Spoken by “Irv” played by Richard Dreyfuss in My Life In Ruins, 2009

For many years, I was guilty of the obstacles.  I was able to list all kinds of reasons for why I couldn’t, shouldn’t or wouldn’t do various things in my life.  Those “things” included jobs, travel, entertainment, etc.  As I look back over the years of life I’ve been blessed with, I have to ask – why the obstacles?  Just what was I afraid of?

And I now have an answer.  I had a fear of success!  I know, you are thinking, shouldn’t that be the fear of failure?  But failure can actually be easier to deal with than success.  We can put failure in the “oh well, I tried” column and return to the comfort of our lives as we know them.   Maybe a bit of embarrassment hovers for the moment over our attempt, but we get over it.

But success – success comes with a whole list of responsibilities.  Success will move us out of our comfort zone.  Success will force us to be something we’ve never been before.  And that is powerful stuff!  And maybe, just a bit magical.  We are letting the world into our lives in a whole new way.  We are broadening our thoughts, our experiences, our conversations.   We are willing to take risks, and they can be tiny risks, but we are willing to dare and dream and bet on ourselves.  Success is

  • Living a life we have created for ourselves and our family, not one dictated by society.
  • Celebrating life’s events in a manner that is true to ourselves, not trying to match a magazine cover.
  • Being aware of nature and all the beauty she offers up!
  • Embracing people, not judging them.
  • Looking for love in all the right places – it is everywhere!  All we have to do is let it in.
  • Considering a new idea, a different approach – we broaden our horizons!

Let’s remove the obstacles and let life in, even the messy bits.  Let’s create some magic with our laughter, our love, and our passion.  At the end of the day, let’s say…it was magical!

xo, Carolyn


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