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Zen in Ten: A Simple Practice

zen in tenDecember is a beautiful month.  Starlit nights, the warmth of home; it is a month of joy, anticipation and sharing.  The days of December can also be a bit crowded and sometimes overwhelming.  So to keep things simple and in perspective, we are taking on a more mindful approach to the month with a new practice: Zen In Ten.  We want to preserve the simplicity – the hot cocoa, the crafting of homemade decorations, the cookies, the music.  So how will we execute our Zen In Ten?

The Practice

zen in ten

Dedicate 10 minutes everyday for 30 days to doing something that creates a simpler life.  Eliminate distractions, set a timer if you need to and focus on your activity for 10 minutes.  If you skip a day it’s okay, life happens.  Try to jump back in the next day.  Be present.  Be mindful.

What this practice does not include:

  • mindlessly surfing Facebook and/or Pinterest
  • watching television

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • read an entertaining novel
  • journal
  • go for a walk
  • make a favorite drink and enjoy it
  • write a note to a friend

zen in ten

We want you to participate.  Take this opportunity to be truly present in your activity.  We want you to find your zen during a typically busier month.  We will be sharing a few prompts throughout the 30 days as well as sharing our Zen in Tenhere and on Instagram.  Follow along using the hashtag #zeninten.

We look forward to seeing and hearing everyone’s progress!

xo, Carolyn & Lauren

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  1. Wonderful idea! Making our life simple should be a daily thing, and December is a great moment to get started.

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