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Fighting the Holiday Shopping Urge

The Christmas season has officially arrived!  I absolutely love this time of year, but I absolutely hate being inundated with advertisements to BUY, BUY, BUY.  It can be incredibly hard to resist purchasing more than I initially set out to.  I made a list and have found everything I needed, but then I remember another small item and then I remember another larger item.  Suddenly, my list has grown as well as my bill.

Tips to resist the shopping urge:

  • Shop online.  It may not seem very “Christmasy,” but when I have a list and I shop online, I tend to purchase what I need and move on.  When everything is checked off, I truly feel that I have accomplished something.  I don’t normally browse online because I don’t like sitting at a computer that long.
  • Find some gift alternatives.  Leo Babauta’s Holiday Gift Guide is full of ideas that don’t involve heading off to the big box store.
  • Give something homemade.  Did you remember some last minute items that you forgot to purchase?  Try making something instead of spending money on stuff.  Homemade cookies or a hand scrub can speak volumes.
  • Slow Your Home’s Ultimate Clutter-Free Gift Guide offers quality gift ideas for you to spend your money on rather than cheap stuff.
  • Change your activity.  If you’re sitting there thinking you didn’t do enough, then change your activity and your environment.  Go for a walk, watch a classic Christmas movie (where presents aren’t the focus), take a nap.  Chances are, you have probably done more than enough for your loved ones.

The big stores pay millions of dollars to advertise and draw us in to spend our hard earned money.  Let’s remember that Christmas isn’t about who has the best sale or what the latest technology trend is.  Joey doesn’t need one more toy under the tree and Susie doesn’t need the cheap shoes that are going to fall apart after being worn 5 times.  Christmas is about being with those we care about the most.  It’s about giving our time and attention, not our dollars.

xo, Lauren

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  1. I completely agree that shopping online seems to stop me doing any ridiculous impulse purchases and it seems easier to get exactly what I want x

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