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Coffee & A Book: Beneath a Marble Sky

Coffee & a book

“Do the strong cry every night for a month? she asked softly.  When they need to, I countered, clasping her hand.  Women, Arjumand, women are taught that there’s no strength in our tears.  But why are one’s tears powerless, if those tears lead to insight, or a sense of peace?”  John Shors, Beneath a Marble Sky

Lately, I have only been more focused on fiction. I appreciate the escape into someone else’s world. I am entertained by the adventure and the art of the story.

Beneath a Marble Sky by John Shors, is a historical fiction novel that completely transported me. Based in 17th century Hindustan, this was a time that was altogether new to me. I became absorbed in one woman’s experiences and cheered her on through the entire story.

Without sounding like a book report, I enjoyed:

  • The strong female characters. The lead character, Jahanara, is witty and tenacious in a world of men. Her mother as well as her best friend are solid roles and display courage and strength in rough times.
  • The friendships. The bonds of friendship and trust made more of a statement to me than the love story.
  • The setting. Shors does an excellent job of creating the scene for his reader, whether it’s the ocean, a prison cell or the Taj Mahal.
  • The conflicts. With more than one altercation taking place, the betrayals and lies definitely keep you on your toes.

The art of storytelling is a gift.  It is a beautiful gift from the author to the reader.  Shors created a wonderful story and for that I am grateful.  I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to be entertained.  But more importantly, I always recommend finding a good book, any book.  Allow yourself to travel to another place, another time.  It truly adds  beautiful moments to our lives.

xo, Lauren

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