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Portion Control

“Our lives are the sum total of the choices we have made.”  Wayne Dyer

Portion control – a term usually reserved for diets, right?  But why not use it as a guidepost for life?  If portion control helps us maintain balance in our approach to food choices, then is seems it would hold true for other choices we make in our lives.  Our portion is 24 hours, so what are our choices?

  • dedicating good time for sleep – for ourselves and our children.  It also means we probably need to walk away from our computers, cell phones, TV’s, etc. so we can slip between our covers and let our bodies rest, heal and refresh.
  • fuel up with good food vs. processed food.  Food doesn’t have to be complicated, including our recipes.  Which implies we don’t need lots of ingredients, lots of time or lots of gadgets.
  • drink our water.  We hear this one all the time and I am the first person that is so guilty of not drinking enough water per day.  But we know the benefits are huge.
  • exercise!  There are so many ways to get our exercise.  Put on some music and dance with our kids or grandkids.  Go outside and dig in the dirt.  Or take a walk.  If the gym is your thing, that is terrific.  I did that for a couple of years and enjoyed every minute I spent working my muscles in new and different ways.  And I slept better!
  • time to talk.  Every day hopefully includes some time to connect with family.  Real conversation between us, real people.  I have a couple of friends that live in other parts of Texas so about once a month I sit down for a good old fashioned phone chat.  I love hearing their voices, their laughs, sighs, even their concerns.  Those conversations are the next best thing to being there!
  • divide an conquer.  Everyone participates in the maintenance of home.  Inside and out.  Rotate who cleans up the dinner dishes.  Make a game of sorting laundry and moving it through the washer and dryer.  Once a week parcel out the chores, put on some fun music, set a timer and go!  Get those little chores done.  (Now if you are like me and live by yourself then you can’t parcel out those chores.  But I still put on some fun music, set the timer and dedicate a little time to cleaning my home.)

Our lives, our bodies, our families deserve good choices.  Nothing complicated.  Just good, simple choices.

xo, Carolyn

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