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A Photography Journey

365 Project - January


In January, I decided to try my hand at a project and work on developing and practicing a new skill.  I took on a 365 day photography project that I am sharing via my Instagram account.

1 month into the project and I am so happy with the outcome at this point!

I decided to follow Bethadilly’s prompts because I am really inspired by her work.  I have already gained so much in the last 33 days:

  • a community of like minded Instagrammers encouraging one another
  • lots of practice with my camera and taking it off Auto mode – I challenged myself to use my camera as much as possible versus my phone
  • stepping outside my comfort zone in an attempt find interesting things to photograph
  • discipline to follow a daily practice

There are definitely days when I struggle to find inspiration or the time to take the picture, edit and then put it back onto Instagram.  I certainly have a ways to go before finishing, but everyday that I complete another picture, I am proud of the work that went into it.  I encourage anyone and everyone to find a practice or hobby and dedicate time everyday to it.  The benefits and rewards far outweigh the challenges.

xo, Lauren

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