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The Ultimate Sophistication

Desert Rose

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  Leonardo da Vinci

My niece, Kelli, came across da Vinci’s quote on a picture the other day and she sent it to me.   It is such a simple quote, an oft repeated quote, and a very true statement.  Have you ever been in someone’s home that is so heavily filled up or decorated (that can go either way) that you find it hard to actually appreciate his or her home?  Or decorations for an event that are “over the top”  and consequently the occasion feels overpowering?  Or you enter a mall and the choices are endless and you stand there thinking, “where do I even start?”

I’ve learned over the last few years that simplicity doesn’t mean plain.  Something can be very simple while remaining very elegant.  Simple can be refined, it can be sumptuous, it can be understated.   A good case in point.  We ladies can become oh so happy when a gentleman is dressed in his suit, a crisp shirt and a nice tie.  That’s it (assuming shoes and socks came with the deal).  While we ladies  go overboard decking ourselves out like a Christmas tree!  Why is that?   Why do we assume to need so much?

So, how do we achieve the ultimate sophistication in our daily lives?

  • Our meals are served on our prettiest dishes.  Well before I married I started collecting the Desert Rose pattern of dishes by Franciscan.  I loved those dishes but over the years they ended up in a hutch and I used them on occasion, but not every day.  When I moved two years ago I decided to sell all my “everyday dishes” and now I use exclusively my Desert Rose.  And those pink flowers make me happy every day!
  • A single flower or candle on the dining room table to appreciate during an evening meal.
  • A hand written note.  It will truly make someone’s day.
  • Less jewelry worn at one time.  This is universal.  We aren’t Christmas trees!
  • Purchase the best that you can, not the most that you can.
  • Say please and thank you.  A lot!  Good manners are the ultimate in sophistication!

I hope you will create a personalized list of simplicity for yourself and your family to practice.  And we would love for you to share your ideas with all of us.  I like to think that by utilizing da Vinci’s thought on simplicity, I am achieving an artistic and art filled life…one of beauty.  I wish the same for you.

xo, Carolyn


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