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Simple Valentine’s Day Ideas

valentine's daySo, I have been sick and almost out of commission the last few days.  I was even tested for Mono, but thankfully that wasn’t it.  One shot and 2 forms of medication later, I am returning to the real world.  And with that return, I am thinking, “Oh crap!  Valentine’s Day is 3 days away!”

My husband and I have pretty much cut out gift giving in our home to one another.  We really enjoy time and experiences together over stuff that we may or may not have wanted.  So, this weekend we are planning to keep things simple and easy since I am still recovering from my almost Mono.

Here are a few ideas for those of us doing some last minute planning.  Many of these can also be used for friends and family members that you might be with instead of strictly spouses/boyfriends/girlfriends.

  • Order in.  Instead of getting dressed to the nines for a fancy dinner that doesn’t always live up to the hype, order from your favorite restaurant and veg out in your jammies.  Have a picnic in your living room and watch your favorite movie (romance or not).
  • Have a picnic outside.  This option does not apply to those currently snowed in up north (unless you are that daring).  If the weather permits, pack up a few favorites, go outside and soak up some fresh air.  People watch and enjoy the conversation.
  • Write a love letter.  Most of us aren’t the greatest (and for those of you that are, Bravo!) at communicating our feelings openly.  Try writing them down instead.  The process is easier and it’s still nice to have a little something to open.
  • Plan a dinner that matches a movie theme.  Here are a couple of ideas that I think will appeal to several different audiences.
    • Just Go With It – fix your favorite tropical cocktail or mocktail and order a Hawaiian pizza.
    • The Mask of Zorro – chips, salsa and guacamole for the appetizer and enchiladas or tacos for the main course.  Don’t forget the margaritas!
    • For Love of the Game – baseball food!  Hot dogs, nachos, peanuts and soda.  Need I say more?

I hope these ideas are helpful for anyone trying to make last minute plans.  But most importantly, remember to enjoy the time together whoever it is with!

xo, Lauren

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