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The True Meaning of Simple

simplicityThe other day I caught the tail end of a news piece regarding the tiny house movement and how it continues to grow in our country.  I love the idea of people tapping into a defined quality of life that doesn’t contain a lot of possessions.  This particular piece featured tiny house structures that  operated as rentals.  I’m assuming (since I saw a little snippet of the broadcast) these rentals were for vacationers – like being able to rent a cabin or a treehouse or a really nice tent.  There were several congregated around a central area of lawn chairs, barbeque grills, etc.  When the narrator flipped back to the studio, two journalists commented when they moved to NYC they had to downsize.  One said all of her extras were sitting in storage and the other said he and his family got rid of a bunch of possessions before they moved.  Both said they didn’t miss any of what was stored or what had been disposed.  The question?  Why do we even have all of these possessions when we realize now they aren’t necessary to begin with?

We know there are lots of reasons why we shop to excess – we are bored/filling an undefined need/keeping up with others/etc.  For some reason we have it in our minds that to live simply, to live with less, does not measure up to other’s expectations of us.  By having so much we have somehow declared to the world that we’ve arrived, we are doing ok, we are succeeding, and I daresay at times, we are asking, “Are you impressed?”

But to live simply is the same declaration!  When we live simply we are “declaring” we have figured it out, we know what we want from life, we are succeeding – and it is on our terms, not someone else’s terms nor society’s terms.  And that is incredibly liberating!  By not being encumbered by so many things and/or so much square footage we are leaving time in our lives for what is really important:

  • time to read. This one is huge for me.  If I don’t have time to read I truly feel my quality of life slipping.
  • time for the outdoors.  We all know time spent in nature is time well spent.
  • time for play.  Play is beneficial for our brains, for our relationships and very important for our children.  Children learn from play.
  • time for good food.  Instead of fast food gracing our tables, real food nourishes our bodies and our souls.
  • time for quiet.  This one is very important.  This is when we take time to think, to understand, to study, to learn who we are and what our needs are.
  • time for sleep.  Our bodies heal while we sleep.  Our brains rest and recharge while we sleep.  We are not doing ourselves any favors by denying our bodies the rest and sleep we require.
  • time for beauty.  Taking the time to see beauty in our lives and that which surrounds our lives is inspiring.  It creates a mindset of gratitude.

We are not the sum of our possessions.  We are the sum of our hearts, our love for family and friends and the joy we each provide to one another.

xo, Carolyn



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